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New Spring Lessons! ZING, OMPAH, PAH! Each semester, Musical Trolley students experience different instrument groups. In the spring, we'll explore and play a variety of orchestral instruments as well as a variety of woodwind and brass instruments. Through songs, instruments, creative movement, listening, visual arts and literature, children learn about musical concepts such as: accelerando, accents, rests, rhythm and musical form, and recognize simple rhythms (quarter notes and eighth notes). Prepare your child for future musical study- they may even pick their favorite instrument in class! Yearlong curriculum.

Next step: Summer Musical Trolley, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail(TM) Camp, Group Instrument-Specific classes or Individual Lessons

About Sing Play Learn with MacPhail™ at MacPhail

Through hands-on experiences, young children build musical foundations that prepare them for future music learning and school readiness skills!  MacPhail’s engaging and original “integrated arts” early childhood music curriculum, is taught by MacPhail-trained specialists and features songs, rhymes, stories, dance, instrument exploration and visual art creation.

4 years - 6 years
Sing Play Learn
January 30, 2017
June 3, 2017
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