Road Scholar - Music, Acting, Bookmaking & Baking



Spark your creativity!

For adults with child ages 9-12

Bring along your creative grandchild and your own budding artistic side on this fun-filled week of inspiration, entertainment and delight. Let your imaginations run wild at four award-winning venues along the Mississippi River in the heart of Minneapolis. Together, bring your brilliant ideas to life as you bang a drum at the MacPhail Center for Music, bake your own cookies at the Mill City Museum, create a one-of-a-kind book at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and put on a skit at the Guthrie Theater. Expert artists, musicians and thespians provide hands-on instruction as you build the foundation for a lifetime of creativity. Finish up your exciting week of artistic discovery with a twilight voyage on the Mississippi River while the spectacular Minneapolis skyline rolls by.

Choose from two sections:
July 9-14
August 6-11

* Learn acting and character-development techniques to bring your past to life at the Pritzker Award-winning Guthrie Theater, and attend a performance.
* Discover the unique satisfaction that comes with creating a book ? design beautifully patterned paper, print images on a printing press and bind your own book to take home.
* Experience the joy of making music together as you learn from faculty at the MacPhail Center for Music how to play an instrument and create a song. Also, work as a team at the Mill City Museum to make a unique cookie recipe and develop a mini-marketing scheme.

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