MacPhail has over 92 different community partnerships tailor-made to meet the needs of any school, organization or program. Learn about our students who experience MacPhail through partnerships and the many ways music has impacted their lives.

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25 Years of Music Access, A New Year of Learning
William is a 4th grader who receives music instruction at Ascension Catholic School through a K-8th grade program with MacPhail. Learn about the many ways music is impacting William’s life – who would otherwise not have access to the power of music and the many non-musical benefits of music instruction.


Pathways to Performance
Through scholarship and a MacPhail partnership, Kya has had the opportunity to experience high quality music instruction that she may otherwise not have received. Learn about the many skills she attributes to her learning an instrument and what it has brought to her life.


Watch a wonderful video about the FAIR School/MacPhail partnership that lays a foundation in general music instruction for K-4th graders and continues to 8th grade with Sound Arts classes, string classes, percussions, vocal residency and much more!



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