Course - Minneapolis - Fall 2021

Advanced Composition: Breaking Out of the Box!

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Too often we limit ourselves by writing one-measure boxes, or by using only synchronous looping, another kind of box. Expand your composition skills by studying the classics and using them as a jumping off point to try out new ideas and techniques that will help you break out of the limits of the measure and loop. Each session will focus on one composition technique to explore and expand. Students can choose which 2-hour seminars to register for and may attend either in-person or online.

Sept. 26: Canon, Bach: “14 Canons on the bass line from Goldberg Variations”

Oct. 17: Medieval Polyphony, Perotin: “Viderunt”

Nov. 14: Ars Nova Isorhythmic Motet, Philippe de Vitry : “Garrit gallus–In nova fert–Neuma”

Jan. 23: Baroque Ground Bass, Purcell, “Dido’s Lament”

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Music Plus Discount of 15% if you or anyone in your family is enrolled in individual, Music Therapy, or Suzuki instruction.

Jan. 23: Baroque Ground Bass, Purcell, “Dido’s Lament”

Sun, Jan 23, 20223:00 PM2 hours
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Semester: Fall 2021
Starts: 2021-09-26
Ends: 2022-01-23
Location: Minneapolis
Age Range: 13 years - 55+ years
Course Type: Classes
Department: Group Instruction
Program Method: Classes
Category: Classes
Topics: Composition, Theory
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