Course - Minneapolis - Summer 2022

Beginning Guitar Class for Adults 1

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This guitar class rocks! You’ll progress faster and play better because you’ll learn how to move your fingers in efficient ways. These technical tips are not on websites (they’re secrets…shhhh, don’t tell anyone) and they make all the difference in your progress. In addition to technical tips, you’ll learn pop and rock songs, how to read music notation, and how to play basic chords. This class is for beginners and has an easy-going and relaxed vibe. You must provide your own acoustic or electric guitar.

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From June 14, 2022 to July 19, 2022
Each Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm

Tue, Jun 14, 20226:00 PM1 hour
Tue, Jun 21, 20226:00 PM1 hour
Tue, Jun 28, 20226:00 PM1 hour
Tue, Jul 5, 20226:00 PM1 hour
Tue, Jul 12, 20226:00 PM1 hour
Tue, Jul 19, 20226:00 PM1 hour
Course Details
Semester: Summer 2022
Starts: 2022-06-14
Ends: 2022-07-19
Location: Minneapolis
Age Range: 19 years - 55+ years
Course Type: Classes
Department: Group Instruction
Program Method: Classes
Categories: Classes, Adult Programs
Instrument: Guitar
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