Course - Minneapolis - Summer 2022

Beginning Ukulele Camp: August 15-19

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Ages 6-8 years
Join this weeklong dive into basic ukulele playing for children ages 6-8 years. Children will explore the ukulele, learn a few chords, create songs, act out stories and create through hands-on arts exploration. The class is appropriate for both new players and those that have taken our Ukulele and More class. *Students should bring a ukulele and notebook to camp.

From August 15, 2022 to August 19, 2022
Each Monday from 9am to Noon
Each Tuesday from 9am to Noon
Each Wednesday from 9am to Noon
Each Thursday from 9am to Noon
Each Friday from 9am to Noon

Mon, Aug 15, 20229:00 AM3 hours
Tue, Aug 16, 20229:00 AM3 hours
Wed, Aug 17, 20229:00 AM3 hours
Thu, Aug 18, 20229:00 AM3 hours
Fri, Aug 19, 20229:00 AM3 hours
Course Details
Semester: Summer 2022
Register by: 2022-08-15
Starts: 2022-08-15
Ends: 2022-08-19
Location: Minneapolis
Age Range: 6 years - 8 years
Course Type: Camp
Department: Sing Play Learn
Program Method: Summer Camps
Category: Camps
Programs: Sing Play Learn, Camps
Instrument: Ukulele
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