Course - Minneapolis - Fall 2023

Building Musicianship for Violin and Viola

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This class is intended for hobbyist violin and viola adult students wanting to take their playing to the next level. The focus of this class is to hone and refine important skills such as ear training, technique, intonation, intervallic listening, and identifying phrases. In short, students can work on any areas they feel may be deficient in a nurturing and supportive environment. Develop listening skills meant to improve playing in a string orchestra and improve your contribution to playing in a large ensemble too. Whether students are returning to the instrument or are avid recreational amateurs, this class is meant to build musicianship through thoughtful study and instruction.

16 weeks of 60-minute sessions, starting the week of September 18. Class dates and times to be arranged with the teacher.

Course Details
Semester: Fall 2023
Register by: 2023-09-18
Starts: 2023-09-18
Ends: 2024-01-17
Location: Minneapolis
Age Range: 18 years - 55+ years
Course Type: Classes
Department: Group Instruction
Program Method: Classes
Categories: Classes, Adult Programs
Instruments: Violin, Viola
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