Course - Minneapolis - Summer 2023

Sing Play Act! Camp: July 17-21

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Ages 4-6 years
If your child enjoys singing, acting, creating art, inventing songs and stories then this camp is perfect! Together students will create a musical from scratch through an organic, creative and relaxed approach based on their ideas. Camp activities emphasize the process of creating a musical theatre production through fun, engaging experiences that lead up to a final performance. Activities include song creation, scenery creation, and much more! Choose from two different sessions.

From July 17, 2023 to July 21, 2023
Each Monday from 9am to 11am
Each Tuesday from 9am to 11am
Each Wednesday from 9am to 11am
Each Thursday from 9am to 11am
Each Friday from 9am to 11am

Mon, Jul 17, 20239:00 AM2 hours
Tue, Jul 18, 20239:00 AM2 hours
Wed, Jul 19, 20239:00 AM2 hours
Thu, Jul 20, 20239:00 AM2 hours
Fri, Jul 21, 20239:00 AM2 hours
Course Details
Semester: Summer 2023
Register by: 2023-07-17
Starts: 2023-07-17
Ends: 2023-07-21
Location: Minneapolis
Age Range: 4 years - 6 years
Course Type: Camp
Department: Sing Play Learn
Program Method: Summer Camps
Category: Camps
Programs: Sing Play Learn, Camps
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