Course - Minneapolis - Summer 2023

Songwriting Camp: August 7-11

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Ages 6-8 years
Does your child make up songs at home? Join us in taking your child’s songwriting skills to another level. Students will create lyrics from familiar tunes, compose new music, venture into jazz improvisation, the 12-bar blues and create instruments to play along, move and jam. Of course, there will be lots of dancing, jamming on real instruments and exploration of musical concepts like steady beat, rhythm, improvisation, and much more. The end-product will be a compilation of original song creations to share. Sign up your child and help them find their own voice through songwriting!

From August 7, 2023 to August 11, 2023
Each Monday from 9am to Noon
Each Tuesday from 9am to Noon
Each Wednesday from 9am to Noon
Each Thursday from 9am to Noon
Each Friday from 9am to Noon

Mon, Aug 7, 20239:00 AM3 hours
Tue, Aug 8, 20239:00 AM3 hours
Wed, Aug 9, 20239:00 AM3 hours
Thu, Aug 10, 20239:00 AM3 hours
Fri, Aug 11, 20239:00 AM3 hours
Course Details
Semester: Summer 2023
Register by: 2023-08-07
Starts: 2023-08-07
Ends: 2023-08-11
Location: Minneapolis
Age Range: 6 years - 8 years
Course Type: Camp
Department: Sing Play Learn
Program Method: Summer Camps
Category: Camps
Programs: Sing Play Learn, Camps
Topic: Songwriting
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