Course - Online - Fall 2023

Unwrapping Music ONLINE: History of American Popular Music

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As our country formed its own identity after the Revolution our music also evolved, influenced by the people who settled here and their cultural heritage. Through parlor music, Irish jigs, the blues, vaudeville, jazz age dance music, Big Bands and the beginnings of Rock and Roll, Americans have created musical trends and popularized new forms of music. In this class we will study the way music grew in response to changing norms, new technology and innovative ideas.

6 sessions, starting September 13

Wed, Sep 13, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Sep 20, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Sep 27, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Oct 4, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Oct 18, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Oct 25, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Course Details
Semester: Fall 2023
Starts: 2023-09-13
Ends: 2023-10-25
Location: MacPhail Live Online
Age Range: 55+ years
Course Type: Classes
Department: Music for Life
Program Method: MacPhail Music For Life 55+
Categories: Classes, 55+ Music for Life Offerings
Program: MacPhail Music for Life
Topic: Music Appreciation
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