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If your family is interested in our Suzuki Talent Education program, this class is for you. Through MacPhail's renowned, play-based early childhood music curriculum, you and your child will build music readiness skills specific to prepare for success in our Suzuki program. Activities will focus on vocal development, steady beat, and exposure to Suzuki repertoire and instruments such as the guitar, harp, piano, cello, viola and violin.
*Families that participate in this class will take priority in the placement process. For more information on MacPhail's Suzuki Talent Education program look under Suzuki on our website.

Join us each semester for new songs, and musical activities to continue to build pre-instrument, and early theory skills. Suzuki Stars prepares your child for Suzuki lessons, and Musical Trolley.

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3 years - 5 years
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February 1, 2019
June 1, 2019
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