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Can you already read music but are puzzled by jazz charts? Do you play the piano but are perplexed when someone asks you to improvise? Join this class and learn the basics of jazz piano playing from reading charts to basic improvisation. 3-5 years of piano experience is required or consent of the instructor.

About Classes & Ensembles at MacPhail

MacPhail group music classes, ensembles and summer camps, help students of any age and any skill level meet their musical goals in a comfortable and fun group setting! In our classes, you can develop your playing or singing skills or learn about music composition, theory, or music appreciation in a relaxed, collaborative environment with like-minded peers. By joining an ensemble, you can take your group’s talents to the stage! Learn more about Groups and Ensembles for Youth or for Adults.

MacPhail offers group music lessons for all ages and abilities! Create your own group lesson by gathering your friends or family members and we’ll place you with one of our outstanding faculty who is equipped to teach beginning through advanced music lessons. Groups can consist of students the same age or inter-generational groups (parent/child).

16 years - 55+ years
January 28, 2019
May 6, 2019
January 28, 2019
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