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The MacPhail Woodwind Quintet is a performance-oriented ensemble comprised of high school students chosen by competitive audition. In addition to presenting their own recitals at MacPhail, the group will perform in the community and audition for MacPhail Honors Recitals, Minnesota Varsity and the SPCO Chamber Music Competition (as their schedules allow.)

The MacPhail Woodwind Quintet, coached by Dr. Nina Olsen, focuses on ensemble playing and musicianship. Repertoire is chosen to challenge students individually and to explore a cross-section of the Woodwind Quintet repertoire.

Rehearsals are scheduled roughly every other week for 2 hours at the Minneapolis location. Scheduling is determined by student availability, and will be arranged once the ensemble has been formed.

For the audition, students should prepare scales and two brief solos or etudes representing their expressive and technical abilities. In order to allow as many students as possible the opportunity to audition, auditions for the ensemble will be pre-recorded rather than live. DVDs, drop-box files and You Tube links will be accepted. Application forms and audition videos must be submitted by Friday, September 28, 2018. No auditions will be judged prior to September 28. All students will be notified of their audition results by October 5, 2018.

For information about specific scale requirements per instrument and instructions for recording and submitting your video file, please contact Nina Olsen at 612-767-5317 or

Registration cost for a full year's participation in the Quintet is $294/semester plus registration and processing fees. There are no additional fees for performances or competition entries.

The MacPhail Center for Music is committed to presenting quality musical experiences to all students. Interested students should take the audition. After the auditions have been judged, students invited to be in the Quintet will have the opportunity to submit apply for financial aid if the cost of tuition will be a barrier to participation.

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