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Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is a program in which a mixed age group of children meet weekly, building on concepts and skills laid out in the SECE repertoire while interacting with one another, their parents, and the teachers. The parent plays a central role in all activities in the belief that the parent is the child's first and most important teacher. Through parent participation in prenatal, baby, and preschool classes, parents become partners in providing an enriched natural environment for the growth of their children. This class is offered for children ages 0-3 years old with a parent or caregiver.
Some of the skills developed in the weekly SECE classes are: listening and sequencing, number, pitch, motor, social-emotional development, vocabulary and character development.
Suzuki ECE seeks to build on the child's natural delight in learning and lays the foundation for life-long learning that meets Dr. Suzuki's goals for all children - to create an environment for children, free from pressure, in which they can gain skills, a sense of purpose in life, an understanding of discipline, and an appreciation of beauty.

Classes are ongoing, and new students are invited to join as space becomes available each semester. New families are welcome to inquire for class information and be placed on a waiting list for enrollment.

Contact Ruth Bergman, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Coordinator, at

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June 1, 2019
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