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Taiko (big drum) drumming is a truly unique style originating in post-WWII Japan. It provides a joyful, multi-dimensional experience for players that enhances and strengthens the body, mind and spirit! The only prerequisite to learning is a curiosity, openness, and a desire to have fun, move, and make music as a community! All cognitive and physical capacities are welcome and embraced.

Iris Shiraishi is a Music for Life? Instructor and joined the MacPhail faculty in 2014 . She holds degrees in Composition (BM, MFA), Arts Administration (MA) and Music Therapy (PhD) from the Universities of Hawai'i, Iowa and Minnesota.

Iris is the Catalyst for ensemble-MA, a TaikoArts Midwest performing group and has been an active performer, composer and teacher since the start of her taiko career in 1997. She is currently on the Advisory Council of the North American Taiko Community Alliance and a Board Member of Kodo Arts Sphere America (KASA). Iris is deeply invested in the TaikoPeace initiative visioned by National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellow, PJ Hirabayashi.

About MacPhail Music for Life™ - 55+ at MacPhail

MacPhail Music for Life™ offers music classes and lessons for adults 55+ that are individualized to meet your goals and are taught by teachers experienced in working with older adults! Whether you are a beginner trying music for the first time or an experienced musician who wants to learn more, our offerings are tailored to meet your goals, musical preference, phase of life and lifestyle!

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