Unwrapping Music: Commonalities in Music & Visual Art


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In this six-week course, we will examine the correlation between visual art and music, studying how aesthetic trends manifested in various eras and regions. Join us as we examine the values that led to complementary artistic choices in visual art and music: Tudor architecture & the English madrigal; Gregorian chant & medieval paints; Chinese folksongs & Qing dynasty gardens; early jazz & the works of Beauford Delaney; and frontier art & cowboy songs.

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MacPhail Music for Life™ offers music classes and lessons for adults 55+ that are individualized to meet your goals and are taught by teachers experienced in working with older adults! Whether you are a beginner trying music for the first time or an experienced musician who wants to learn more, our offerings are tailored to meet your goals, musical preference, phase of life and lifestyle!

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