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Are you a highly motivated singer? The Prelude Program is a year-long program (September-May) for singers who seek an environment where they can experiment and discover new possibilities as a performing artist. The program includes private coaching, theory, sight-singing, vocal ensemble and performance lab training in movement and gestures. More information about Prelude can be found at


Vocal Arts

- Warm-ups, vowel formation, application of the breath, endurance, range building, resonance, language

- Healthy production free of muscular tensions

- Building of Solo Repertoire

- Private coaching with collaborative pianist

- Theory, sight-singing


- Portfolio Building

- Performance

- Master Classes

- Outside Events

- Goal Setting

- Whole musician awareness training

- Vocal Ensemble

- Ensemble Repertoire chosen from Renaissance to Musical Theater to Opera to Jazz

- Emphasis on a cappella repertoire, enforcing ear training

- Sight-singing, theory, rhythmic and interpretive skills continue, to complement work done in Vocal Arts Performance Lab

- Acting and Movement for Singers

- Addresses unique challenges of singer actors: extension of time, music without words, complexity of multi-tasking

- Step-by-step approach works with gesture, face, focus, body, addresses tension, through structured play/self discovery

- Techniques apply to solo repertoire introduced in Vocal Arts with the addition of scenes taken from Opera and Musical Theater

Application and audition required. Auditions will take place on September 12. Application does not guarantee admission to the program. For information or to schedule an audition, please email Manon Gimlett, Prelude Director, at

For more information about Prelude and Prelude Auditions, click here.

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