Unwrapping Music


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Unwrapping Music

Wednesdays at 10:30am with Andrea Leap
Tuition: $45 for each 2-week session, or $130 for all three courses

Music and Meditation
June 17 & June 24

Music has the power to influence our body -- heartbeat, respiration, even digestion! In this class, we'll take a closer look at repetitive music in particular and how it affects us biologically and aesthetically, and why minimalism can have a maximum effect on our mind and body.

Modern Broadway
July 15 & July 22

Join us as we take a look at the last five years of new musical theater composition. From Hadestown to Six, we'll examine new trends and styles and the direction in which this musical art form seems to be heading.

Unknown Opera
August 12 & August 19

Even opera amateurs recognize the standards like Don Giovanni, La Boheme or Carmen -- but what about works like Tiefland, Vanessa or L'Etoile? We'll take a closer look at influential but rarely heard compositions that changed the nature of opera, so why don't we hear them?

About MacPhail Music for Life™ - 55+ at MacPhail

MacPhail Music for Life™ offers music classes and lessons for adults 55+ that are individualized to meet your goals and are taught by teachers experienced in working with older adults! Whether you are a beginner trying music for the first time or an experienced musician who wants to learn more, our offerings are tailored to meet your goals, musical preference, phase of life and lifestyle!

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