Broadway Composers & Lyricists: The Psycho-Dramas


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Broadway Composers & Lyricist Perspectives: The Psycho-Dramas

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When the Golden Age was over, and while kids were rocking it out at Hair, a new type of musical began to take shape: the psycho-drama! Ushered in by the writing of Stephen Sondhiem, these musicals took a deeper intellectual look into the more complicated parts of the human experience. Be prepared to dust off that psychology degree as we dissect the shows Sweeny Todd, Next To Normal, Fun Home and Passing Strange in this behind-the-scenes look at the lives and works of composers and lyricists who shaped Broadway history.

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Instructor: Joey Clark
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"What I love about this class is Joey's approach: it's the humanity behind Broadway. I love learning about the humanity behind it because it is as rich as what is happening on stage. It also helps me, as an artist, to see the progression of the art form - where we are today versus where is was - and then, what was going on in that period historically in regard to war versus peace or politically or civil rights or race issues in the United States and abroad. It's so rich and layered and really rounds out the story." - Renee C., student

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