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MacPhail’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated January 25, 2021

Music Lessons Online at MacPhail

Teaching music online is not new at MacPhail. Live Online lessons at MacPhail began in 2011 and now thousands of classes take place online each year.

If you are interested in learning more about online instruction at MacPhail or would like to start live online lessons as you shelter in place, the JumpStart package is designed for you. Simply fill out a Student Placement Form and you can begin a package of 4 lessons offered at 25% off. One package per student. Valid for new students only. Subject to instructor/instrument availability.

MacPhail K12@Home

MacPhail School Partnership Program has launched a program for students sheltering in place called MacPhail K-12@Home. The program is offered at no charge for any students registered in a Minnesota school (K-12) and provides live streamed music classes Monday-Friday. Offerings change weekly. The program also provides resources for music educators.

Please check back for spring programming.

Individual and Group Lessons

Information on Spring Semester beginning February 2021

Spring Semester Plan – (begins Monday, February 1, 2021)

  1. Begin limited 1:1 instruction in-person onsite for students 12 and younger (specifics below)
  2. Continue limited in-person group activities
  3. All other programs will continue online
  4. All performances will continue to be virtual in the spring semester as we anticipate continued limitations on large group and audience gatherings.

Note – The above plan is subject to change as conditions change. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as conditions can change quickly.

Registration for spring semester is now open.

Registration letters for Individual Lessons, Suzuki and Music Therapy were sent to student home addresses.

Guidelines for Limited 1:1 Instruction

In the interest of health and safety for students, teachers, and staff, MacPhail will require the following for all in-person activities:

  1. Wearing masks at all times by students, instructors and staff (except when physically blowing through an instrument)
  2. Physical distancing by maintaining 6-8 feet between individuals
  3. Health screening for all who enter the building
  4. Staggered room scheduling to allow for room sanitizing between sessions
  5. Plexiglass separators for woodwind and brass instruments to provide separation
  6. Students only allowed in the building (those bringing a student to a session will need to wait outside unless a chaperone is vital to student participation)
  7. Limited movement in building by following directional signage and entering and exiting building immediately before and after a session.
  8. Waiver forms will be requested of students participating in in-person activities.
  9. “Front Desk” customer service will not be provided during this time. Student Services staff will be available via phone and email.

Note: Any student wishing to participate via online in these group offerings may do so.

Performance and Recitals

One of the roles of MacPhail Center for Music has always been to be a place where people can gather around music. We will continue this work through Live online lessons, eLearning and virtual performances, providing opportunities for you to engage and connect. We look forward to serving you in person, welcoming back our faculty and staff, and to re-opening our doors to our community and all the wonderful music that happens when we get together.

All performances will continue to be virtual in the spring semester as we anticipate continued limitations on large group and audience gatherings.

The health and safety of all members of the MacPhail Center for Music community is our top priority.

Our decision as to when and how to add more in-person instruction will be based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Governor Walz’s Directives, Minnesota Department of Public Health, local health officials, and the MacPhail Sr. leadership team.

As we move forward through the pandemic, health and safety will always remain our top priority. In addition to the guidelines listed above, here are some additional items that have been implemented in the Minneapolis building to increase air flow and maintain a clean environment.

  1. Two Clorox 360 machines are being used to cleanse rooms throughout each day.
  2. Several HEPA filters are located throughout the classrooms and large studios
  3. Significant upgrades have been made to our HVAC system
    1. Improved controls over air flow with an ability to increase air flow in all rooms delivering Air Changes Per Hour comparable to hospital environments.
    2. UV lighting system, to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus, is scheduled to be installed in January into all duct work to cleanse the air as it flows through the building.
  4. Many sections of plexiglass are utilized in classrooms to help maintain separation between students.
  5. A glass barrier has been mounted at the Student Services desk to provide separation between guests and Student Services staff.

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 and its spread, please refer to the situation pages available through the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health.

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