Sunday, December 8, 2019
2:00 PM

Room 126, MacPhail Minneapolis Campus


No tickets required.
Free and open to the public.

Student participation in this workshop is by teacher recommendation. Teachers should e-mail Jon Iverson, Student Performance Coordinator, at Iverson.jon@macphail.org. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend this workshop.

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A product of Venezuelan El Sistema, cellist Horacio Contreras has been praised for his “expressive playing” and his “phenomenal work” (mundoclasico.com) and is currently considered “one of the best Venezuelan cellists of his generation” (El Universal, Caracas).

Horacio is a member of the faculty of Lawrence University and the Music Institute of Chicago, and the author of the cello adaptation of the famous work Exercises in Various Combinations of Double-Stops by renowned pedagogue Dr. Roland Vamos.

As a chamber musician and recitalist Contreras has performed at festivals and on concert series in the United States, France, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Caribbean islands.

After the workshop, Mr. Contreras will discuss his adaptation of Mr. Roland Vamos’ Book: Exercises in Various Combinations of Double-Stops.

Book overview: This collection of exercises was originally written by Dr. Roland Vamos, based on exercises written by the renown pedagogue Korguof. These etudes feature a systematic series of fixed double-stops that enables the player to practice and master every possible combination of finger patterns across two strings without shifting. The daily execution of these exercises is an excellent way of gaining control over sound production and intonation in double-stops while also nurturing coordination, finger independence, string crossings bow balance, and hand frame for a wide range of positions.


“It has been a great pleasure observing the transformation of Mr. Vamos’ exercise book into a very useful resource for cellists.”
-Richard Aaron

“I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to give our cellists the opportunity to heighten their technical skills with these ideas.”
– Tanya Carey

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