Saturday, May 20, 2017
2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Antonello Hall, MacPhail Minneapolis


No tickets required.
Free and open to the public.

A celebration of scenes from some of the most beloved Sondheim musicals featuring
the students of the Prelude Program

Alaina Adkinson, Eli Aronson, Ethan Asis, Ben Atmore, Grace Chapdelaine, Dominic Cudd, Sydney Ethen, Patrick Ganley, Ariana Gibb, Daniel Haakenson, Ava Harmon, Jonah Harrison, Matthew Humason, Theo Janke-Furman, Charlton Johnston, Nina Karachunski, Chase Kozak, Emily Kranendonk, Shovanna Malloy-Rydeen, Lucia Miller, Parker Miller, Seth Madson, Maren Naegele, Lily Randall, Brooke Samaratunga, Melinda Samaratunga, Jose Santos, Ellie Sawin, Olivia Schierbeck-Jones, Sara Shiff, Lauren Senden, Anamaya Shore, Mallika Shore, Madeline Thompson, Noelle Tripps

Thaxter Cunio, Manon Gimlett, Bryon Wilson, Wendy Lehr, Sue Ruby, Mary Jo Gothmann

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