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Alanna Williamson

Music Therapy Mentor
Location: Minneapolis

Alanna Williamson joined the MacPhail Music Therapy department in 2015. She provides client-centered experiences enriching the lives of individuals through music to bring about therapeutic changes to accomplish musical and non-musical goals.  Alanna, enjoys being able to mentor music therapists in the field to further the growth of music therapists and promote the music therapy profession. 

Alanna has over 19 years of experience working in music therapy with clients and providing various levels of supervision.  She previously provided music therapy for adults and children in Hospice and Palliative care, contract work with children with hearing and speech disorders.  And works with children Kindergarten-6th grade on the Autism Spectrum. 

She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Music Therapy from the University of Fredonia.  

Favorite non-musical hobby: Spending time with my husband and dogs, backing/cooking, and going on long runs.

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