Photo of Glen Helgeson. He is looking off to the right side with a guitar over his left shoulder.

Glen Helgeson

Music Therapist
Location: Minneapolis

Glen Helgeson (M.Ed, Neurologic Music Therapy Fellow) joined the MacPhail Music Therapy faculty in 2018. A music therapist, guitarist and composer, he works with private Music Therapy clients and leads Rock On, a band made up of students on the autism spectrum.

Glen spent 14 years at SouthWest Metro Educational Cooperative in Jordan, MN providing music therapy services for students with behavioral and mental health needs. He provided music therapy for K-12 students with mental health and behavioral issues. He also has 7 years’ experience as a freelance/contract music therapist providing services for adults with Developmental Delays, Neurologic Dysfunction, Body Regulation Disorder, ASD and Traumatic Brain Injury. Additionally, Glen has worked at Minnetonka Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools.

Glen has nearly 30 years’ experience as a professional guitarist, bandleader and composer. He continues to perform and record in the Twin Cities metro area. He is the leader and guitarist for Axis Mundi and Gypsy Mania Hot Club Quartet. He’s recorded seven CDs. Several of his compositions received national airplay and were chosen as theme music for Minnesota Original and have appeared on Entertainment Tonight.

Favorite non-musical hobby: Camping, skiing, mountain biking and canoeing.

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