Theisen, Gregory


Gregory Theisen is an arranger, composer and member of the piano faculty at MacPhail.

He has toured the United States and Europe as music director for Tony Sandler, as well as a former member of Zeitgeist. He has performed in numerous Broadway productions, which have included “Phantom of the Opera” and the world premiere of “The Lion King.”  He also has contributed to the various theaters as a composer / music director / pianist, including the Children’s Theatre, Minnesota Dance Theater, and the Great North American History Theater.

His works include Gentle Sonnets (composer & pianist) Christmas Passages (arranger) an album nominated for a Grammy Award for Independent Distributors: IPB-TV special: The Greg Theisen Quintet (composer & performer) and a PBS documentary: Frederick Manfred (composer & performer).

Gregory holds a Bachelor of Arts from St. John’s University.