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Kevin Xiong

Voice, Songwriting, Composition

Kevin Xiong joined the MacPhail faculty in 2020 teaching voice, songwriting, and composition in the School Partnerships department.

He has been vocal coaching college students, colleagues, and freelance clients since 2014. Today, he continues to coach colleagues and clients on vocals, and harmony composition and arrangements.

Regardless of age, Kevin’s approach is always person-centered. He believes that empowering an individual to take charge of what they should work on leads to becoming more aware and more comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone. Acknowledging our mental blocks is the very first step in progress.

Kevin has co-written 4 bilingual (Hmong/English) skits for the Hmong Student Org’s annual cultural night (2014-2019). He’s mixed vocals and composed harmonies for the smash hit song “Dab Ntub Hlub” by Cheng Xiong (feat. Douachi Yang) (3+ Million views on YouTube). He has mixed vocals and arranged the smash hit song cover “Mus Qhov Twg Leej Nus (Sap Sap) PARODY” by HAIB (+500,000 views on YouTube).

Kevin graduated from Tartan Senior High (Oakdale, MN) in 2014. He has also completed 79 credits towards a BS in Community Psychology (St. Cloud State University).

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