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Laura Torgeson

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

Laura Torgeson is a new addition to MacPhail as of fall 2022. She is thrilled to be the on call sub for the Sing Play Learn department. Laura enthusiastically brings her joy of teaching, theater, and music to this position. She believes that students, teachers, kids, and adults alike have the beautiful capacity to express themselves through creativity and engaged learning.

Laura received her BA in theater arts and subsequently her MEd in Theater Education K12 both from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She taught after school theater to High 5, Kindergarten, and 1st graders at Richard Green Central Elementary. She also held space during the pandemic for families and children in her neighborhood to sing songs and tell stories. She’s passionate about utilizing song, story, and play to activate minds young and old.

Laura loves to sing and play her baritone ukulele. She also loves a cappella and beat boxing and was in a competitive a cappella group all throughout college. An artist of multiple disciplines, she also works with watercolor and digital art to create commissioned portraits and digital designs.

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