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Ryan Underbakke

Musical Theater

Ryan Underbakke, member of the Prelude faculty, has spent the last several years as an international artists, choreographer, performer, director and instructor working professionally in Los Angeles, Rhode Island, New York, Minneapolis and London.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and the Jane Enroth Award for Best Undergraduate Performer in 2005. He went on to receive his Master of Fine Arts from the London International School of Performing Arts, where he set up residency working with the acclaimed Punch Drunk Theater Company, the Beatabet Collective and starting up his own commissioned company, Giant Bird International Theater.

Ryan serves as a summer faculty member for both acting and film sessions at the acclaimed New York Film Academy in New York City and has taught at the Richmond School of Drama, the Mulberry School and the London Theater Group of England.

The work he has directed and created for Live Action Set has been featured at the Ivey Awards for the last two years and has been performed in the Twin Cities as well a toured to Florida and Chicago. He is currently working on an immersive theater show he is creating and directing for the Children’s Theater Company.

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