Genaw, Susan


Piano instructor Susan Genaw has a talent for motivating her younger students in a way that keeps them playing throughout high school. She focuses on sight-reading and teaching musicianship and expressiveness in playing, using classical, popular and jazz styles. Susan also has a special relationship with her adult students. She teaches 11 groups of adult students in the Continuing Adult Piano class. Most of them enjoy it so much they have been in the class for 10 and 25 years. She has been teaching for 42 plus years and a piano instructor at MacPhail since 1976.

Her performances outside of her studio have been numerous, including performing as soloist with orchestra concerti by Mozart, Beethoven, Grieg, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and Gershwin. Susan has appeared with many orchestras in Minnesota, Michigan and Canada.

Susan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in piano performance from the University of Minnesota.

“Susan is a superb teacher and takes into account her adult students’ strengths. Susan knows how to work with adult learners. She plans her lessons to include both group pieces and individual pieces. She has a variety of strategies to help us learn a difficult tempo or problematic section.” –MacPhail Student
“Excellent teaching both the mechanics of piano playing and the phrasing to get the “feeling” of the music.” –MacPhail Parent