“Bringing MacPhail here makes music possible.”

macphail_fair__025Every day for 19 years MacPhail has delivered high-quality music learning experiences to the diverse student population at FAIR School – Downtown.  Today, a team of eight MacPhail teaching artists ignite a passion in the students by paying attention to their specific interests and connecting them to music.  FAIR students can choose from nine offerings ranging from strings to choir and electronic music to rock band.  Every class has a sequential, skill-building music curriculum customized to meet the needs of the students.

Research shows that students who engage in music perform better in school, have higher graduation rates and increased self-esteem.  This can be particularly beneficial for students from economically challenged environments.  The programs at FAIR provide the power of music to many students who might not otherwise have access if not for MacPhail.  FAIR students are proving that music makes a difference.  Here’s what they have to say:

Increased Academic Achievement

“Being in MacPhail’s beginner violin class helps keep my granddaughter more focused. She says she’s now getting the best grades because she needed to learn to focus and be disciplined to play the violin.” Grandmother of 8 year old FAIR student


“This class is a valuable opportunity to express ourselves musically. Coming from MacPhail, I know I’m getting a knowledgeable music mentor.” FAIR student, age 18

Access and Opportunity

“It’s good that MacPhail comes to our school because for a lot of kids here it would cost too much and transportation would be an issue. Bringing MacPhail here makes music possible.” FAIR student, age 15


dsc_0044From the youngest students in 1st grade building musical foundations to the high school percussionists performing live, FAIR’s students benefit from the partnership with MacPhail – every day.