MacPhail – Schmitt Music Sing, Play, Learn! with MacPhail® Packs

Available for purchase at all MacPhail locations.

Musical Play Pack for Infants and Toddlers (Blue Bag) $35 includes:
•One 6 inch Rainstick
•One Cage Bell
•One Wave Drum
•One Egg Shaker
•One Scarf

Mini Musicians Pack for Older Toddlers and Younger Preschoolers (Red Bag) $38 includes:
•One Pair of 12 inch Rhythm Sticks
•One Two-Tone Woodblock with Mallet
•One Pair of Sandpaper Blocks
•One Wrist Bell
•One 6 inch Bamboo Tambourine
•One Kazoo
•One Ribbon Wand (short)

Musical Explorers Pack for Preschoolers to Early Elementary (Green Bag) $58 includes:
•One Slit Drum
•One Recorder
•One Caxixi Rattle
•One Guiro
•One Cactus Rainstick
•One Ribbon Wand (long)

“Sing With Me” MacPhail Early Childhood Music Favorites CD – $10

Available for purchase at all MacPhail locations.


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