The Buddy Program is a practicing program between students in MacPhail’s Suzuki Talent Education department. We connect students who are established on their instruments and who enjoy working with other kids!

The Buddy Program is open to all instrument groups!
Mentees: Age minimum: 6 years old
Level Minimum: Folk Songs polished
Mentors: Age minimum: 12 years old
Level minimum: Book 4

Buddy Practicing Tips
• Use the lesson notes to know what the teacher and parent want practiced/improved.
• Make three positive comments, then pick one point to work on and improve.
• Show off to the adults nearby at the end of your practice session!

How it Works
• Coordinator/s pair students.
• Students get together at one or the others’ home.
• 20 minutes of practicing, 20 minute snack-break, practice for final 20 minutes.
• Use lesson notes as guidelines for work: Work only on what teacher is focusing on (singularly most critical expectation).
• Buddy Party (Fall TBA) & Buddy Recital (Spring TBA) both at MacPhail.

To participate in the Buddy Program please fill out sign-up form below.