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Increase verbal intelligence
90% of preschool children show increased verbal intelligence after just 20 days of musical training.

Boost math skills
Music training can boost math skills. Elements such as rhythm and beat aid in acquiring math concepts like sequencing and patterning.

Build executive function
According to recent findings, music doesn’t just require executive function skills such as the mental processes that enable us to plan and focus attention; it may be a pathway to building them.
Nadine Gaab, Ph.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education

Improve listening skills
Studies of children undergoing music training consistently show that they have better listening skills.


National Leader
MacPhail’s 50-year-old program continues to be the pacesetter in the field of early childhood music, now serving more than 3500 children through over 28 community organizations.

Proven results
Students in MacPhail’s Learning with Music program at Wilder Child Development Center showed a 25–40% increase in pre-reading skills and a 15–20% increase in pre-math skills after just one year of participation.

Levels the playing field
Indications from a 3-year study of MacPhail programming show that music can help equip children with the skills needed for success in school. For economically disadvantaged preschool children, it can level the academic playing field.

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Monique, age 4, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

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Family time is Music Time for the Tirivepi Twins

Nyasha and Ruva, age 2, Sing, Play, Learn! with MacPhail®