When is a student ready for lessons?
Individual lessons may begin as early as 5 years of age, depending upon the child’s learning style, maturity and instrument choice. As soon as the child takes interest in music or exhibits musical talent he/she may be ready for lessons! Since beginning lessons typically last 30 minutes, it would be ideal if your child can focus on a task for at least 15 – 20 minutes. In addition, parents should ask themselves if they are ready to make the time to work with the child during in-home practice, initially, it can help keep a child on the right path.

What are the performance opportunities?
At MacPhail we have numerous performance opportunities to showcase our students as well as develop their performance skills. These performance opportunities include studio recitals, department recitals, recognition recitals, all school recitals, site recitals, honor recitals and the prestigious Concerto and Aria Competition.

Do I need to own an instrument?
If you do not own or rent an instrument, you will need to have access to an instrument on a daily basis to practice and prepare for the weekly lessons. String students, guitar students, woodwind and brass students will need to bring their own instruments to their lessons. Learning to play an instrument involves sight, sound, movement and mental processes that need daily repetition and practice. It is very important to have access to the instrument as often as possible. Follow this link to find some resources for instrument rentals and for purchase.

What is the difference between Suzuki and Individual (Traditional) Lessons?
Individual (Traditional) lessons typically begin at age 5 or later. Lessons emphasize concurrent development of technique, note reading and general musicianship. The parent may be encouraged to attend lessons and assist with home practice depending upon the age of the student and the teacher’s teaching approach.

The Suzuki Instruction Method is based on a language learning model where children can begin lessons as early as 3 years of age. Students learn to play music the same way they learn their native language – through listening, repetition, encouragement and parental involvement. Note reading skills are developed after technical proficiency at the appropriate age and level. In Suzuki Instruction Method, Parents are required to attend weekly lessons and assist with home practice. In addition to weekly lessons, Suzuki students attend weekly or monthly group activities.

Can I meet my teacher before I commit to lessons?
We take pride in our process of selecting a teacher for our students and have confidence in our ability to create an excellent student/teacher match. Students who wish to meet their selected teacher and assess the teaching style and fit may request a trial lesson At times our faculty may request a trial lesson for the same reason. The cost of a trial lesson is the same as any other lesson. Please refer to the tuition rates above on this page.

What is the make-up policy?
You can find our make-up policy here.

What if I am unhappy with my experience?
Here at MacPhail, we strive to ensure a positive experience for all students and will look to correct any issue that arises no matter how large or small. The first thing we recommend you do isto speak with your teacher directly. Often times open and honest communication can bring the desired results. If that discussion does not resolve your concern you may contact the DIRECTOR OF INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION to help you and advise you on next steps.

Questions about Individual Instruction at MacPhail?

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