Please read carefully. Applicants who do not meet all of the following criteria and expectations will not be considered and should not apply.

Eligibility Requirements

The intent of this program is to recognize and support midcareer artists living and working in Minnesota who demonstrate a sustained level of accomplishment, commitment, and artistic excellence. Artists who are eligible for these fellowships:

  • Have or maintain MN residency for at least one year prior to application and for the duration of the fellowship year.
  • Are midcareer with a body of work that demonstrates a sustained level of accomplishment, commitment, and artistic excellence.
  • Can only apply to one McKnight Artist Fellowship in any artistic discipline within a year.
  • Can only apply as a solo artist or an ensemble/band member within a year.
  • Have not been a recipient of a McKnight Artist Fellowship within any artistic discipline in the last five years.  Recipients of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 McKnight Fellowships in any discipline are not eligible.
  • Demonstrate growth and ongoing artistry since their most recent McKnight Artist Fellowship.
  • Are not staff, board, or immediate family of the McKnight Foundation or fellowship administrative partners.  (Independent contractors and faculty are not considered staff and are therefore eligible to apply).
  • Are not enrolled full-time in an academic program.


  • Have performed together for three or more years with the same members and name as stated on the application.
  • Be made up of no more than five members.
  • Be an active ensemble/band, having at least four significant performances in each of the last three years.