Past Recipients of McKnight Fellowships for Musicians

Tonia Hughes,
voice, Minneapolis
Hughes is a singer, songwriter, recording and
theater artist with a passion for a broad array of music and often engages in culturally diverse collaborations alongside some of Minnesota’s most accomplished musicians. She has performed with the Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall, at the acclaimed Lincoln Center in New York and throughout the Twin Cities at hundreds of culturally diverse churches, theaters, colleges and university events. Tonia resides in Minneapolis with her husband Brian Kendrick and their children.

Aida Shahghasemi, voice and composition, Minneapolis
Shahghasemi is an Iranian vocalist and composer. She studied western music theory alongside the Persian classical repertoire, and her work often merges different music forms. Her passion for Persian classical music stems from the cultural identity she craved after immigrating to the United States in the summer of 2000, and the women she met during her years of study. Her senior project at University of Minnesota’s Anthropology Department centered around restrictions on the voices of female classical vocalists in Iran. She received her Master’s degree from New York University (NYU) in Art and Public Policy with a focus on the arts as a vessel for addressing topics in social justice and humanities. While residing in New York City, Shahghasemi worked with non-profit organizations as a teaching artist promoting the arts as a tool for social justice. She created and taught a class called Iran’s Arts Activism centered around the effects of society on art and vice versa, at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She released her debut album, Wind Between the Horse’s Ears, in 2015. She currently works with a social justice theatre troupe called Making Waves housed at Hamline University.

Carrie Henneman Shaw, voice, Saint Paul
Henneman Shaw is a soprano who specializes in Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary classical music. Her wide-ranging work includes several live-music-for-dance projects with such Minnesota composers as Jocelyn Hagen (Test Pilot, Slippery Fish) and Abbie Betinis, with whom she created the Schubert Clubcommissioned Rib Cage, a collaboration with James Sewell Ballet. She tours internationally with Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, a women’s quartet dedicated to the cultivation of new repertoire for treble voices, and Ensemble Dal Niente, a Chicago-based collective which can be heard on New Amsterdam Records’ 2016 release “Balter / Saunier”, a collaboration with rock band Deerhoof. As an early music specialist, Henneman Shaw has sung operatic roles with Boston Early Music Festival and regularly self-produces programs of 17th- and early 18th century music in Minnesota, as well as collaborating with groups such as Mirandola Ensemble and Flying Forms. She is adjunct faculty at Bethel University and Winona State University.

Tim Sparks, guitar, Burnsville
Sparks has been redefining the acoustic guitar repertoire since he won the National Fingerpicking Championship in 1993 with a groundbreaking arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. Sparks continues to surprise, challenge and thrill audiences with his diverse repertoire and stunning technique. Equally at home with Country Blues, Jazz or World Music, his extraordinary ability has earned him an international reputation as one of the most innovative guitarists working today.

Additionally, five McKnight finalists received $1000: Noah Hoehn of Minnetonka (harmonica, marimba, voice, dhol drum and percussion), Adam Meckler of Minneapolis (trumpet), Greg Byers of Minneapolis (cello), Scotty Horey of Minneapolis (marimba and percussion) and Donald Livingston of Minneapolis (harpsichord).

Francesca Anderegg – 
Javier Santiago – jazz
Pooja Pavan
 – composer 
Tracey Engleman – voice

Atlantis Quartet – Zacc Harris, guitar; Brandon Wozniak, tenor saxophone; Chris Bates, double bass; Pete Hennig, drums
Troy King (King Fuvi), emcee and songwriter
Pat O’Keefe, clarinet and bass clarinet
Wilhelmina Smith, cellist

Danami Maurice Champion, songwriter, musician; from St. Paul
Ignacio Nachito Herrera, pianist, arranger and musical director; from White Bear Lake
Siama Matuzungidi, guitar; from Minneapolis
Jacqueline Ultan, cellist, composer; from Minneapolis

Haley Bonar, voice, guitar, piano, keyboard, from St. Paul
Cléa Galhano, recorder, from St. Paul
Paul Metzger, banjo, from St. Paul
Maiya Papach, viola, from St. Paul

Christopher Atzinger, piano, from Dundas
Gao Hong, pipa, from Northfield
Laura MacKenzie, flutes/pipes/whistles/concertina/voice, from Northfield
Karen Mueller, autoharp, from Minneapolis

Orkestar Bez Ime, Colleen Bertsch, violin/vocals; Dee Langley, accordion/vocals; Katrina Mundinger, clarinet/percussion/vocals; Natalie Nowytski, vocals/percussion
The Roe Family Singers, Quillan and Kim Roe
John Snow, oboe
Noah Hoehn, harmonic/marimba/voice/percussion

Bryan Nichols, pianist
Nirmala Rajasekar, veena player
Parker Quartet, Daniel Chong, violin; Karen Kim, violin; Jessica Bodner, viola; Kee-Hyun Kim, cello
Carrie Henneman Shaw, voice

Asako Hirabayashi, harpsichord
Bernhard David Scully, horn
Christopher Marshall, bassoon
Fora Baltacigil, double bass

Linda Chatterton, flutist
Sarah Kwak, violinist
Gao Hong, Chinese pipa player
Arek Tesarczyk, cellist

Noah Hoehn, harmonica player
David Karr, saxophone player
Charles Lazarus, trumpeter
Matthew Young, violist

Katja Linfield, cellist
Patrick Harison McPeck, accordionist
The Minneapolis Quartet, string quartet

Connie Evingson, vocalist
Amy and Sara Hamann, piano duo
Ross/Rapier Cello Duo
Voice Trek, vocal ensemble

Stephanie Arado, violinist
Artaria String Quartet
John Snow, oboist
Thomas Turner, violist

Steven Copes, violinist
Noah Hoehn, harmonica player
Dean Magraw, guitarist
Stephanie Wendt, pianist

Leibundguth-Witt Duo, flute & piano duo
Neal and Leandra, voice/guitar duo
Nina Tso-Ning Fan, violinist
Soyulla Duo, violin & cello duo

Dare to Breathe, vocal ensemble
Gao Hong, Chinese pipa player
Prudence Johnson, vocalist
Anthony Ross, cellist

The Bakken Trio, piano trio
Rosalyra Quartet, string quartet
Timothy Paradise, clarinetist
Connie Evingson, vocalist

Duologue, flute & guitar duo
Jorja Fleezanis, violinist
Diane Jarvi, vocalist & instrumentalist
Peter Mayer, vocalist/guitarist

Linda Chatterton, flutist
Laura MacKenzie, Celtic multi-instrumentalist
Ruth MacKenzie, vocalist
Sunita Staneslaw, harpist

Ensemble Capriccio, string trio
Gao Hong, Chinese pipa player
Shank-MacLaughlin Duo, violin & piano duo
Tadeusz Majewski, pianist