Wellness Classes

Wellness Classes at MacPhail Center for Music

Music is an important aspect of physical and psychological wellness-related activities.

MacPhail’s wellness class explore the intersection of music, health, and well-being. The classes are designed for music lovers of all types, whether you sing, play an instrument or just enjoy humming along in the car.

We invite you to explore the myriad of ways that music fits into the bigger picture of wellness in our everyday lives.

MacPhail Wellness Classes

Music and Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga with classical pianist and certified yoga instructor, Rie Tanaka.

This beginning class is for yoga newcomers or those seeking a gentle, low-impact physical activity in a friendly and welcoming environment.
Students are guided through beginning level yoga postures, breaths, and yogic principles.

Music from diverse genres, forms, and instrumentation/vocalizations are used as well as music performed live.
Experience this special class and enjoy the music with an increased presence of mind and body through yoga.

MacPhail Wellness Classes

Music and Meditation

Across time and cultures, both music and meditation have been practiced and enjoyed as essential elements of life.

In this class taught by musician, composer, Zen priest and poet Marc Anderson, meditation practices, listening, inquiry and around the concepts of how music and meditation complement and enhance one another.

Areas of exploration and discussion include:

  • how music and meditation create similar states of consciousness and share powers to heal and the ability to sustain us
  • how we can integrate elements of each into our daily lives to live more fully

This course is for musicians and non-musicians, meditators and non-meditators alike.

About the Instructors

MacPhail Wellness Classes

Rie Tanaka

Rie Tanaka is a yoga practitioner, concert pianist, and music educator. She completed a Doctor of Music Arts (DMA) at the University of Minnesota in piano performance. Rie completed 200 hours of yoga training in 2020, studying under Shri Yogi Hari, an internationally recognized Guru from the Shivananda lineage. She has learned, practiced, and is certified to teach Sampoorna Yoga – ‘Yoga of Fullness’ which combines 6 paths of yoga; Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga, and Nada Yoga

MacPhail Wellness Classes

Marc Anderson

Marc Anderson is a Twin Cities based musician, composer, Zen priest and poet. He has studied, performed and recorded music all over the world with hundreds of great artists including Angelique Kidjo, Robert Fripp, Steve Tibbetts, Don Cherry, Max Roach and Taj Mahal. He is founder and director of the M2 Foundation which advocates for a more mindful and compassionate world. Marc is on staff at the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life at Macalester College.

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