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Guitars in the Classroom

Craig Anderson is well known for his patient, systematic approach, and is the author of six guitar instruction books. Click here to read Craig’s full bio.

Participants will learn:
•  How to hold the guitar, posture.
•  Technique – How to develop strength, stamina, and dexterity
•  Basic chords
•  Guitar-specific technique for changing from chord to chord using thoughtful, efficient finger motion
•  Popular songs – they inspire practice!
•  Ideas for step-by-step curriculum planning, including a song list of carefully-graded songs to ensure students’ success

Contact Sarah Drebelbis for more info.


Percussion Discussion

Bob Adney is a founding member of the Minnesota Percussion Trio, and has a discography of over 22 CDs performing with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra. Click here to read Bob’s full bio.

Participants will learn:
•  Percussion tuning (drums)
•  Timpani maintenance
•  Timpani head clearing
•  How to build small instruments
•  How to repair keyboard mallets (wrap yarn)
•  Sources for mallet making supplies
•  Tips for a better sounding percussion section
•  Recommendations for instrument purchases.

Please contact Sarah Drebeblis for more info.

Bucket Drumming

The Bucket Book is an inventive new resource for elementary and middle school general music classes. Get hands-on experience with its creator, David Birrow, to help students discover the joy of creating music using homemade or found instruments.

Participants will gain:
•  An overview of bucket drumming
•  A list of recommended instruments
•  Best practices: Techniques for playing and teaching
•  Curriculum and lesson-planning ideas

Please contact Sarah Drebelbis for more info.