Faces of MacPhail Adult Student Cassandra

Cassandra, age 63, Voices of Experience and Sonomento choirs

Cassandra has always loved music, but through the years it slipped away as “life took over.” She got lost in her career, taking care of children, grandchildren and aging parents. But then one day she realized it was time to start doing something for herself. For Cassandra, returning to music was “scary,” but she took the plunge and started singing with MacPhail’s adult choir, Voices of Experience. Singing has given her boundless joy and the social connection among the musicians has brought her new friendships. The power of the music and the new friendships were an anchor as she endured the loss of her father. Now Cassandra is having so much fun that she joined a second MacPhail vocal ensemble, Sonomento. “This time it’s for me, with people who are just like me!”