Student Stories - ColinFinding your voice, unlocking your potential
Colin, Adult Student, Age 24

At the age of 24, Colin has an impressive resume full of musical accomplishments. As a youth, he studied classical piano, flute and composition at the Merit School of Music in Chicago and graduated with a degree in music theory/history from Notre Dame. Even though he has accomplished so many impressive musical feats, like recently becoming the Assistant Director Intern at the Basilica of St. Mary, he still didn’t feel comfortable with his own voice. “I never really thought I could sing and was afraid to make music with my voice – even at the level of musicianship I accomplished.” Colin says.  But as he grew professionally, he began to require a new level of technique to tap his potential — so he started voice lessons at MacPhail.

“Lessons at first felt like The Karate Kid. Breathe here, hone skills there, it was about practicing the fundamentals,” Colin says. “My teacher Thaxter Cunio and I have unlocked things we didn’t know were there and I feel so confident.” Colin has now moved on to extend his vocal training. “I believe that music is the universal language of the world.  It’s my life’s mission to reach people through it. MacPhail is a wonderful institution that’s accessible and full of high quality teachers. I’ve had the opportunity to do things I never thought I would have. MacPhail has offered me the chance to finally identify myself as a singer.