Faces of MacPhail-adult student Pat

Pat, 63 years, Adult Individual Instruction

After retiring as a lawyer, Patrick wanted something to keep him personally challenged, creative and mentally sharp! He remembered casually plucking the guitar in high school and knew of the benefits of learning an instrument at a later age, so he decided to take guitar lessons as a retirement activity.

MacPhail was the perfect place to begin his next journey because he knew that it offered all levels of instruction, from the casual retiree to the serious professional musician. Patrick knew starting lessons would be a challenge, but as a proud Navy Veteran, he is no stranger to dedication and the satisfaction of achieving his goals. For the last four years, Patrick’s guitar lessons with Craig Anderson have provided a fun, creative and stimulating activity that is the right personal balance of enjoyment and challenge, with the added benefit of staying mentally fit! He says, “I can enjoy myself, and play tunes,” all while enjoying something “mentally taxing.” Patrick is now on his way to growing his mini-guitar collection and taking his playing even further!