MacPhail Music for Life™ is a special music program with learning designed for individuals 55+. Offering everything from individual lessons to music classes, a choir for people with Alzheimer’s to custom-made community programs, MacPhail Music for Life™ boasts a wonderful array of stories about the power of music for people 55 years and up.

Trying New Things, Conquering New Challenges
Jim, MacPhail Music for Life, Age 70

Faces of MacPhail: Jim


Music and Laughter Know No Age
Doris, Marijo and Bill met through Episcopal Home’s special partnership with MacPhail. Bringing residents together through music once a week, these lovable and lively characters now share a close-knit bond forged through music.


The Highlight of Their Week
Since Ken and Marilyn have been participating in the MacPhail Music for Life™ program, Marilyn says she can see how music has stimulated and energized herself, her husband and the other residents of the care center they participate at. Hear why they call this “the highlight of their week”.


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