MacPhail Music for Life Stories-Episcopal Homes

Doris, Marijo and Bill – Episcopal Homes

For Doris, Marijo and Bill, Monday is the best day of the week. It means they have music class, a weekly opportunity to come together and socialize through music and song. “We have a lot of fun with this group,” Marijo says, “We don’t have to act our age. We can be as silly as we want to be.” This trio of friends met through a MacPhail Music for Life ™ partnership with Episcopal Homes.

Once a week, they join together to sing show-tunes, hymns and other classical music. Since they all live in separate buildings, they wouldn’t have connected without MacPhail, but now they regard each other as dear friends. Doris says, “Mondays we are all smiling from laughing so much. We missed each other because we don’t get to see each other over the weekend. And we all have the same thing in common, it’s music!”

For Bill, music is “soothing,” and he decided to join the choir after seeing a flyer. Suffering from paralyzed vocal chords four years back, the class has helped him strengthen his voice, feel more confident and connect with like-minded individuals in Doris and Marijo. “Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” he says.

Each agrees that they are enjoying the learning process and what music offers them. Doris exclaims that, “You’re not too old to learn if you want to learn.” While Marijo says she is singing more than she ever has and is learning new techniques. Each sees music as a way “to express yourself in deep ways” and recount memories of old that are tied to song. The MacPhail partnership has brought music into their weekly routine, not just to connect with each other, but to connect with themselves. As Doris says, “Music, if it’s from the heart, is really telling yourself about you.”