Music Therapy Student Stories-Scott

Scott Sorensen, age 17, Music Therapy

As a toddler, Scott was terrified of all natural and sensory elements which most children seek out. His parents could not sing, play instruments, listen to the radio or watch television, without Scott having a meltdown. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Scott’s parents knew they needed help getting him to tolerate sounds and music before starting school, so they brought him to a preschool music therapy class at MacPhail Center for Music.

Many years and many small steps later, now able to tolerate sounds and music, Scott became captivated with the baritone and expressed interest in joining the school band. “I knew that MacPhail would have the teachers and programs to support us once again” said his mother Michelle. “If anyone could help Scott achieve his dream to play in a band, it would be MacPhail.”

Today, Scott’s hard work and a committed team from MacPhail, Irondale High School, and of course his family, work together on how best to serve Scott and integrate him into the high school band program.

“Music, which began as terrifying for Scott, has clearly connected him to a passion and happiness,” says Michelle. “Being a part of the music community at school and MacPhail has opened up opportunities for Scott to belong and to be with, as he likes to say, the ‘normal’ kids.”