Jackson, MacPhail Suzuki Student, Age 13

Through his MacPhail Suzuki guitar quartet, 13 year old Jackson has found more than just creative collaboration – he has developed deep friendships that make playing together a true joy. “We don’t just play guitar together, we have grown into close friends and hang out outside of MacPhail all the time,” says Jackson. Playing since age 4, he learned from the MacPhail Suzuki Guitar program to be determined, self-confident and organized; skills that translate to all areas of his life.

Behind any dedicated Suzuki player is a devoted Suzuki parent. “I wouldn’t be as successful as I am without my Mom sitting there next to me,” Jackson says. His mother, Ann-Marie, has seen him grow. “Music lessons have helped Jax become a great listener, he is focused and pays extra attention to detail.” And now Jackson, his mom and his quartet can combine their talents and friendship on a trip to Italy this summer with MacPhail’s Suzuki Department!  More than 25 Suzuki students will perform in cities throughout Italy, creating the ultimate mix of music, friendship and joy.