Early Childhood Music Student Stories Julia

Julia, age 11 months, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

Julia lights up and starts bouncing on her diaper-padded bottom as soon as she hears songs from her Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® class. She loves to play with the maracas, bells, xylophones and many other instruments she’s discovered in her music classes at MacPhail. Julia’s mom, Leah, brings her 11 month old daughter to MacPhail because she wants to provide a great start in music, and she believes MacPhail is the best place to do that. She also knows that studies have shown that exposing children to music at an early age prepares them for the skills needed for success in school. Julia has become more social, and they both have fun interacting and connecting with other parents and children. Plus, it has encouraged Leah and her husband to pick up instruments again as well!