Early Childhood Music - Monique, Steve

Monique, age 4, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

“Let’s jam with the band,” four year old Monique says to her dad, Steve, when his band practices. Then she takes the mic, makes up words and copies drum beats she hears. Adopted from the Democratic Republic of Congo at 16 months, Steve and his wife were told that Monique had an affinity for music. Right from the start, it was clear Monique had a passion for music that Steve wanted to nurture in a fun and relaxed environment.

He decided to enroll her in Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® because of its reputation for offering a wide variety of classes. He has seen how outgoing Monique is with other students and how eager she is to get her hands on instruments to learn more. She is driven by artistic projects and is eager to dance and play rhythm she hears in class. Although Monique might not know it, the rhythmic drumming she does in class is helping her learn to read. The rhythmic patterns in music connect to the rhythmic patterns in language! Today, going to class has become more than just experiencing music, it is building pre-reading skills and is a time for bonding. Monique and Steve’s shared love for music has created a fun and adoring connection that has elevated music class at MacPhail to being “their thing.”