Tirivepi Family

Family Time is Music Time for the Tirivepi Twins
Nyasha and Ruva, age 2, Sing, Play, Learn! with MacPhail®

Parents Munya and Niki Tirivepi chose to sign their daughters up for Sing, Play, Learn with MacPhail® classes to encourage their love of music.  The love of music is something they understand the importance of.

“My background is in music. I have been fortunate to be in professional performances and I continue to be involved in the music industry through the entertainment business,” Munya, who works at MacPhail as a Student Services Specialist, explains. “My wife enjoys a variety of musical genres and instruments, however her background is limited to solos in her car and performances in the living room with our daughters Nyasha and Ruva as her VIP audience.”

As Munya and Niki sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” in the class with twins Nyasha and Ruva, 2, they are doing more than supporting the girls’ development—they are also forging a strong family bond. Studies show that musical family rituals enhance social bonding and create a strong family identity.

“The girls often repeat the songs, dance often and play their own musical instruments. They love to imitate songs and ‘sing’ to almost anything we are playing at home. They recognize instruments and gravitate toward sensory play and steady beats.”

Sing, Play, Learn with MacPhail® classes help children become kindergarten-ready, developing key skills like executive function and listening, as well as boosting math skills and verbal intelligence. With this early musical experience, Nyasha and Ruva are off to a strong start.