Rexford-18Rocking with Rexford: Singing Songs, Developing Skills
Rexford, 2.5 years old

“Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me!” sings Rexford as he grins ear to ear strumming his blue guitar with big white stars – and a star is exactly what Rexford is. At just two and a half years old, he is incredibly social, has a vast vocabulary, impressive dexterity and a great ear for sounds, patterns and rhythm. His parents, Julie and Michael, attribute many of his pre-literacy skills and pattern detection to being in MacPhail’s music classes since he was a baby. His mother jokes, “Rexford could say ‘xylophone’ before he could say ‘milk’,” but she notes that his “socialization skills, interactions with others and ability to take turns” are all areas they have seen grow from class. Julie mentions that, “Instrument exposure has taught him a lot about sounds and he is routinely experimenting with words and rhythm, which his school teachers have noted help develop articulation.”

Singing transitional songs is a great way to build impulse control, something Julie has brought home from music class. “Rexford now makes up his own songs (on guitar/keyboard/cymbals/pots and pans) as he moves himself from place to place — “It’s Time to Go to the Bathroom”, “Let’s Play in Mom and Dad’s Room”, and “We’re Going to the Park” are among his original works.” But one thing is clear, in addition to all of the benefits on his development, music class has become a bonding time that is now shared between the whole family.