Early Childhood Music Student Stories - Sophia

Sophia age 5 and Stella age 2, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

Strengthening family bonding time in an otherwise hectic week is a priority for Rachel and Jeff, parents of two active toddlers, Sophia age 5 and Stella age 2. That’s why they have been bringing their girls to Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® classes since Sophia was a baby. MacPhail classes are especially important for Stella who was born with an underdeveloped pulmonary valve, was on life support for 18 days and in the hospital for 2 months. These classes gave Rachel a special time to connect with her daughter, making up for time she couldn’t hold Stella and bond with her in the hospital as a newborn. Today, Stella is a bubbly toddler who enjoys coming to MacPhail. And even though Stella has had some physical delays, her language skills have developed significantly, Rachel says, due to her MacPhail classes. But it’s the bonding time that has had the most impact, and not only with them as parents, but between the sisters. Sophia loves to sing her favorite Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® song, “Mr. Sun” to Stella all the time!